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We are very happy to co-organize this charity event in Graz. “No Party on a dead Planet” will take place in occasion of the climate conference “Wege aus der Klimakrise” organized by Crossroads Festival. /// SAT, 26/10/2019 /// Forum Stadtpark /// Graz (Austria) Millions of people are on the streets worldwide to campaign for #climatejustice, #systemchange and […]
Our documentary Exiles will be broadcasted on Okto TV on 19 September 2019. For further information on the program and further transmissions, consult the Okto webpage.
The documentary Exiles, produced by Studium Collective, has been selected for this year’s International Freethought Film Festival and will be screening in Pittsburg from 20-22 September 2019.
On Saturday, 13 april 2019, at 14.00 h, EXILES will be screening at the movie theatre Stadtkino, in Vienna, Austria, in the course of the Film Exhibition “Flucht ins Bild”, organized by Widerstandskino (by Stadtkino Wien), KlappeAuf, Salon Cardamom&Nelke. After the Screening, Omar Khir Alanam, one of the Documentary’s protagonists and bestseller author (“Danke! Wie Österreich meine Heimat wurde”) will meet with the audience […]
On Tuesday, 5 March, 2019, our documentary EXILES was screened at Wiku, Graz (Austria), and followed by a workshop on the topics of “Escape” and “Home”, together with the documentary’s protagonists Faruk Abdi and Mohadese Panahi, and the director Julia Reiter. Chair: Thomas Eitzenberger. At the end of the workshop, the participants presented the results […]
Tomorrow, 5 March, 2019, our documentary EXILES will be screening at Wiku Graz, Austria, and will be followed by a workshop on the topics of Escape and Home, together with the documentary’s protagonists Faruk Abdi and Mohadese Panahi, and the director Julia Reiter.   Description (German): Exile in der Schule. Am 5. März dürfen wir […]
Tonight, 27 February, 2019, 20:00, our documentary EXILES will be screening at the Art and Culture Festival ZeitRaum, in Graz, Anzengrubergasse 6-8 (AUSTRIA). ZeitRaum can be described as a Pop-up Art Café, “Ideenschmiede, Raum für die Norm verletzende Genialitäten, Sprungbrett für barrikadenniederreißende Grenzüberschreitungen, Refugium vor der Winterkälte, peinlichkeitsfreie Zone, Musenkuss und Zeit zum entspannten (Zusammen)sein. Auf das […]
“Since economic decisions are [the international super-rich’s] prerogative, they will encourage politicians, of both the Left and the Right, to specialize in cultural issues: The aim will be to keep the minds of the proles elsewhere – to keep the bottom 75% of Americans and the bottom 95% of the world’s population busy with ethnic […]
We are happy to announce that our Documentary Exiles has been selected for the Peloponnisos International Documentay Film Festival!! It will be screened on Saturday, 26 January, 2019, at 20.00h.
Thank you Kirsten Hauser for this extensive interview on our documentary Exiles.
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