ARTICLE (English) by B. Weber
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An attempt to give a voice to a younger version of myself, that was not able to find the right words.

“I do not want to have to identify as a woman. 
I want to identify as human.
I do not want to have to fit into one of two categories.
Just to be recognized as human.
I want my female properties to be acknowledged as a part of my humanness. 
Myself to be an expression of the human versatileness.
A humanity which, as we have learned, 
is far too complex to be reduced to a robust division of two,
a binary conception, 
throughout history and times.

I do not want to be classified for how I dress. How I behave. How I move. For what I dream.
I do not want to have to develop into a certain direction, follow classified examples, and fill determined roles.
I do not want to have to be sensitive, intuitive, and gentle. 
I want to be allowed to be aggressive, demanding and rational. 
I want to be able to break out of this reductive system. 
As this would be a true meaning of freedom for myself.
I want the freedom to become myself.
I want the freedom to be human.”

(A version of myself that is still very much alive.)


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