OPINION PIECE ***ENGLISH VERSION BELOW*** Image and data source: https://www.climate-change-performance-index.org/ Optimismus und Hausverstand in der Klimapolitik Österreich schneidet in Sachen Klimaschutz bedeutend schlechter ab, als seine europäischen Nachbarn, und liegt laut CCPI sogar hinter China. Ist eine „optimistische Klimapolitik mit Hausverstand“ weiterhin gerechtfertigt? Österreich ist, laut des kürzlich veröffentlichten CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index), in Sachen […]
We are starting the new year by introducing the annual topic that will be in the centre of our Collective this year: ANTHROPOCENE climate • humans • change Inspired by this topic we will continue researching, discussing, organizing, writing and creating. Thank you for the dialogue along the way.   (Cover Photo, from the web, […]
[STANDING UP IN PLACE OF EXTINCTION. An Interview with Roger Hallam in German] Extinction Rebellion (XR) sorgt mit sozialem Ungehorsam international für Aufruhr. Roger Hallam, Mitbegründer der Bewegung, über die Klimakatastrophe und die Dringlichkeit, sich dieser Realität jetzt zu stellen. XR ist in seinem Ursprungsland, dem Vereinigten Königreich, bereits sehr bekannt. In Österreich, insbesondere Graz, hört man noch relativ […]
Vernissage “Body to Body”  Where: La Vie Devant Soi, 43, rue de Tourtille, 75010 Paris, France When: 05 Nov 2019, 19.00h BODY TO BODY In Western society there is a dominant aesthetic model for whiteness, thinness and youth. I asked the same questions to a group of women: Do you have a part of your body that […]
We are very happy to co-organize this charity event in Graz. “No Party on a dead Planet” will take place in occasion of the climate conference “Wege aus der Klimakrise” organized by Crossroads Festival. /// SAT, 26/10/2019 /// Forum Stadtpark /// Graz (Austria) Millions of people are on the streets worldwide to campaign for #climatejustice, #systemchange and […]
Our documentary Exiles will be broadcasted on Okto TV on 19 September 2019. For further information on the program and further transmissions, consult the Okto webpage.
The documentary Exiles, produced by Studium Collective, has been selected for this year’s International Freethought Film Festival and will be screening in Pittsburg from 20-22 September 2019.
On 14 May 2019, 18.00h, Exiles will be screening at Fundación Ideograma in Barcelona, Spain, within the regular film exhibition docugrama. Original version with Spanish subtitles. You can get your ticket HERE. After the film there will be a Q&A with one of the directors Bernadette Weber.
On Saturday, 13 april 2019, at 14.00 h, EXILES will be screening at the movie theatre Stadtkino, in Vienna, Austria, in the course of the Film Exhibition “Flucht ins Bild”, organized by Widerstandskino (by Stadtkino Wien), KlappeAuf, Salon Cardamom&Nelke. After the Screening, Omar Khir Alanam, one of the Documentary’s protagonists and bestseller author (“Danke! Wie Österreich meine Heimat wurde”) will meet with the audience […]
It is our great pleasure to comunicate that EXILES has been selected for the 7th Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival and will be screening between April 4th and 7th, 2019, in Kathmandu.
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