We are happy to announce that our Documentary Exiles has been selected for the Peloponnisos International Documentay Film Festival!! It will be screened on Saturday, 26 January, 2019, at 20.00h.
Thank you Kirsten Hauser for this extensive interview on our documentary Exiles.
Watch the reportage about Exiles HERE.      
It is now possible to reserve tickets at Filmzentrum im Rechbauerkino for 26 Nov – 04 Dicember. Screening Dates: exiles-film.com/screenings Information Film Release: http://www.filmzentrum.com/filminfos-starttermine/ Ticket reservation: http://filmzentrum.com   About EXILES: Original title: Exile Year of production: 2018 Genre: Documentary Running time: 75 minutes Original format: 1:1.78, 1080 HQ, 25p Screening format: DCP Country: Austria, Italy Authors: Bernadette […]
“If the youth does not give its consent, even the almighty and mysterious Mafia will vanish like a nightmare.” The youth, the new generation, always gives us new hope; it represents a new chance for a better and more just society and environment. But how the new generation will develop and what decisions it will […]
“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.”
‘To live philosophically is to show the truth through the ethos (the way one lives), the way one reacts (to a situation, a scene, when confronted with a particular situation), and obviously the doctrine one teaches; it is to show the truth in all these aspects and through these three vehicles.’ Source: M. Foucault, The […]
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