To all of those who seek knowledge, authenticity and understanding in the constant transformation of concepts, truths and ourselves.
To all the young Europeans, who have been seeking identity between the national and the global, between strong borders and infinite freedom.
To a generation that has been defined lost in pace. A generation that was born in an epoch, where rationalization dominates reason, and fashion beauty.
To the children of an era, with no time.

§1 We are here to learn.
And we are here to understand.
Through our actions, our dialogues and our creations.
We want to write, and film, and take pictures and discuss, and do whatever it takes – and for whatever time is needed – to understand ourselves a little better.
Step by step.
No rush.
§2 We are searching for a truth. Not one, but many.
Those truths cannot be reached through a subjective monologue, but through a constant confrontation.
§3 We want to recognise the whole as something much more meaningful than our single beings, our narcissism and our fading desires.
We want to understand that social freedom has a stronger value than our individual one.
We want to learn that an intersubjective and ethical collaboration has the power to give birth to something beautiful.
To be the change that we wish to see in this world.
§4 We want to take ourselves a little less seriously.
We want to take questions and doubts very seriously.
We want to listen to the other(s) and actively try to understand.
§5 We want to get together to create, discuss, think and reflect, with the idea in mind, to get a little closer to an authentic life. And to do so, time will not be our enemy but our friend.
§6 We want to learn to be humble and patient.
§7 For an authentic confrontation with what surrounds us.
By asking as many questions as possible.
By never forgetting where we come from.
And by being open to whatever is yet to come.

These are our goals on this journey.



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